Drupal Modul: Link Checker

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The Link checker module extracts links from your content when saved and periodically tries to detect broken hypertext links by checking the remote sites and evaluating the HTTP response codes. It shows all broken links in the reports/logs section and on the content edit page if a link check has been failed. An author specific broken links report is also available in “My Account” (D6+ only).


  • Selectively scan node types and comments
  • Selectively scan blocks
  • Scans CCK text and link fields in selected nodes
  • Checks internal and by default external links
  • Configurable link check intervals
  • Updates permanently moved (301) links after specified link check fail count
  • Unpublishes nodes after specified file not found (404) fail count
  • Weblink nodes from Links Package module are supported
  • Weblinks nodes from Weblinks module are supported
  • Output created by input filters is supported
  • Supported HTML elements: a, area, audio, embed, iframe, img, object, param, source, video
  • Supported link protocols: http, https


  • SQL server with subselect support (MySQL 5.0 or higher, PostgreSQL 7.4 or higher)
  • 5.x-2.x: job_queue module is required.

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