Drupal Modul: Taxonomy Redirect

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This module allows the administrator to change the destination of Taxonomy Term links.

Note: Taxonomy redirect only uses hook_term_path (http://api.drupal.org/api/function/hook_term_path/6) to modify paths for taxonomy terms, it doesn’t actually create path aliases.
This means the redirect only works for taxonomy links placed by the taxonomy module. It also means if you type the url in to your browser the redirect doesn’t work.

Ordinarily these links go to taxonomy/term/TERMID but that is not always desirable. Using this module, you could redirect these links to custom
content, or content generated by the Views module.

New Features as of 5.x-1.2 and 6.x-1.1:

  • The module can now handle redirections at the term level.
  • You can specify a replacement character for spaces and + characters.
  • You can specify a list of characters or strings to remove from the path
  • You can enter php code that will create your path at runtime (In 5.x-1.3, variables for term ID ($tid) and term name ($tname) are available to use in your php code).

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