Firefox Add-on: Web Search Pro

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Search the web the way you like.

Features :

  • Introducing a new and inovative way to search the web: Drag & DropZones, just drag text on any website, and drop it in one of your 16, 36 or even 64 fully customizable DropZones, and your search will be started
  • Introducing Quick Type Search, easily and quickly select your Search Engine(s) and search using just your keyboard (mouse also supported)
  • Search the web using a toolbar, through the context menu, keyboard only, with the Quick Type Search popup, or using the brand new Drag & DropZones.
  • All Web Search Pro features are completely optional, if you only like 1 of it’s features you can disable the rest of them by a single click.
  • Supports the Mycroft Sherlock and OpenSearch formats so you can use all (10.000+) Search Engines from and other Search Engine websites.
  • Manage your own groups of Search Engines so you can create more specific groups then the defaul Movies, Music, Computer and Technology, etc. groups.
  • Select as many Search Engines as you like, and make a suggestion if your favourite is not yet on my list.
  • Select how you want your search engine menu to be displayed, flat, grouped by type, or a list separated by type.
  • Assisted Search Engine suggesting, just right click on a search field on any site, and suggest that engine for Web Search Pro
  • When you visit a website that supports the Open Search format, you can automatically add that site as a Search Engine to your Web Search Pro through a statusbar icon.
  • A stylish resizable toolbar with optional Search button (add it in the View/Toolbars/Customize menu).
  • Search engines use the official site’s favicon, so you can always easyly recognize which search engine you are using. Or just select one of your own icons to use as the Search Engine’s icon.
  • Completely modify each Search Engine, label, type, favicon, and shortcut key.
  • Drag & Drop Search Engine ordering, works in the options screen and in all search engine menus.
  • Export and Import all your Web Search Pro preferences.
  • Uses Google Labs new Google Suggest feature to show you suggestions while you are typing in the search box
  • FastFind, press SHIFT + ENTER when searching for text on a page to search the web using the currently selected Search Engine (even faster when you enable “Search when I start typing in Tools/Options/Advanced)
  • Easy to maintain list of your search engines, just 1 click to add, 1 click to remove a search engine from your list. Also includes 2 quick sort buttons to sort your list ascending/descending
  • Currently has 5904 validated search engines.
  • Help me keep all Search Engines in working order by reporting the ones that are broken in 1 click.
  • Also allows you to add private Search Engines, you can use these for engines I denied, or intranet search engines.
  • Available in: en-US, nl-NL, es-ES, ca-AD, it-IT, de-DE, pt-BR, fr-FR, ja-JP, tr-TR, es-AR, sk-SK, pt-PT, da-DK, zh-CN, ru-RU, uk-UA, af-ZA, hr-HR, sv-SE, ko-KR, zh-TW, pl-PL, gl-ES

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