GIMP Plugin: Hight Quality Rescale

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Are included the Windows version of 4 plugins developed by Nicolas Robidoux and Adam Turcotte from Universite Laurentienn/Laurentian University and compiled for Windows by Francois Collard

once installed the plugin will be available in the Image/Hq Rescale/submenu with cryptic names as
2. “EANBQHgamma”
4. “IBFNBQHgamma”
That names are the acronym of the algorithms used,
“EANBQH” correspond to ” SMOOTH”
postfix “gamma “indicate added gamma correction

The developer consider this plug-ins a preliminary version, more exactly were a proof of concept to demonstrate the quality of new Upscaling algorithms (when they were proposed to the gimp developers ,they should be included in GEGL in the future)

But ,as they are, already offer better results for upscaling,and this for me is the basic point and a good reason to package and mirror the Windows version,also because a simple hack to the original plugins registration paths was sufficient to improve usability

About how to install see “how_to_install.txt” included.

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