GIMP Plugin: Noise generator

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This filter generates noise in an image. Available noise types are

  • Poisson noise
  • Gaussian noise
  • Uniform noise
  • Laplace noise
  • Lorentz noise

It is possible to generate (YCbCr) luminance noise only and to apply a gamma correction.

This filter noisifies an image with different types of noise. For each noise type it’s specific values can be set. These are

  • for Poisson noise: the amount of photons per pixel value.
  • for Gaussian noise: the standard deviation of the noise distribution.
  • for uniform noise: the width of the uniform distribution.
  • for Laplace noise: the scale parameter.
  • for Lorentz noise: the half width half maximum (HWHM).

These types of noise are added to the image in that order. You can leave out any of the types by setting the relevant value to zero.

For all noise types together you can select whether a gamma correction should be applied on the image such that noise is applied to linear image data. After noise application the image is retransformed to sRGB. You can also select whether or not you want to have luminance noise only and for that the image is transformed to the YCbCr colour space before adding noise.

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