Inkscape Extension: Guillotine

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It’s a direct copy of the GIMP extension of the same name (under Image->Transform). It is designed to take an image that has had some guides dragged onto it, then slice it up into the rectangles that are formed by those guides. It should ignore guides that lie outside the canvas area, and it should ignore angled guides.

How you use it:

  1. Download the latest guillotine version, and unzip it into your inkscape extensions directory
  2. Open your drawing in inkscape.
  3. Drag some vertical and horizontal guides onto your drawing
  4. Select Export->Guillotine from the Inkscape menu
  5. Enter a directory name and image base name for output (e.g. output will become output1.png, output2.png, etc.)
  6. (optional) If you’ve previously exported the drawing, you can tick the box to use export hints as the output values.
  7. Press Apply

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