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Google Optimizer allows you to tune conversion by adding flags within various pages of your site. This plugin allows you to simply add Google Optimizer to Joomla!.

This Joomla! plugin allows you to insert simple tags needed by Google Website Optimizer (or in short: Google Optimizer). To use this plugin, you will need to read the instructions carefully. This plugin at the moment only facilitates the so-called A/B Experiment.

Why Google Optimizer

Google Optimizer allows you to experiment with keywords, phrases and full articles to find out which text is the most useful. To do this, multiple pages (tracking pages) need to be setup with identical text that all point to one final page – the conversion page. Google counts the number of visitors arriving on the conversion page from each tracking page.

Why this plugin?

This plugin allows you to easily insert simple tags that will be replaced dynamically with JavaScript-code. This saves you time and also bypasses certain JavaScript-filters (for instance the ones present in the TinyMCE editor).

Help on the usage of Google Optimizer itself can be found here.

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