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Add Joomla! plugin-events to Graphdat monitoring

This GraphDat plugins allows you to track Joomla! performance using Graphdat – the awesome online performance monitoring tool. With this plugin troubleshooting Joomla! performance becomes a breeze.

Graphdat installation

This Joomla! System Plugin requires no configuration. You simply install the plugin, enable it and you’re done. Joomla! events of the System Plugin group will be automatically tracked.

Make sure to install the Graphdat Agent first. Also, make sure to install the Graphdat Extension for PHP, otherwise the PHP-functions used by our plugin will not be available. If PECL is available a command like pecl install graphdat is enough to get you going.

Inspecting the events

Once everything is working, new PHP-requests will be visible under the screen Application Response Time. By clicking on a specific request, the details open below. By default, only the request (GET or POST) is visible as one chunk. With our plugin, the timings of each Joomla! event becomes visible.


In general, the event onAfterRoute shows the time that Joomla! spends on a specific component. This can be used to track whether the component is slowing down your Joomla! application, or something else.

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