Joomla Extension: HTTP Authentication

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Development sites are sometimes hosted on publicly available sites, while access is still unwanted. This plugin allows for HTTP authentication based on Joomla! users.

The HTTP Authentication plugin works simple but adequate. Once published, every visitor to your Joomla! site is asked for an username and password through a HTTP Authentication popup. The Joomla! frontend is only accessible when HTTP Authentication is granted (by using the regular Joomla! login-system).

The plugin has few parameters. The parameter Redirect determines where the user is redirected to after authentication. The parameter Include IP can be used to define a list of IP-addresses that are allowed authentication through this plugin. This allows you to put your site offline through the Global Configuration, replace the offline.php file of your template with a nice under-construction-message (without an ugly login-form) and then use the HTTP Authentication plugin to allow yourself as developer access. Likewise the Exclude IP parameter can be used to give yourself more direct access.

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