Joomla Extension: Language Domains

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Joomla! multilinguality is cool and complete. This plugin extends allows you to define a specific domain for each Joomla! language

This plugin allows you to switch the domain-name as soon as a specific language is selected. Each domain is bound to a language, by configuring the plugin parameters. Once enabled, the plugin detects the current domainname, checks the current language, and redirects to a new domain if needed.


  • Configure one domain per language
  • Plugin redirects to applicable domain when language is switched
  • Plugin modifies HTML-code to alter all links on the fly

Quick steps to get it working

  • Install this plugin using the Joomla! Extension Manager
  • Disable the core-plugin Language Filter in the Joomla! Plugin Manager
  • Enable the plugin using the Joomla! Plugin Manager
  • Configure the domain-bindings within the plugin parameters

A valid entry for domain-bindings could be:

Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.x

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