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Make links open in modal popups

Modals will help you create modal popup windows.
Modals can create links and also convert any existing link in your website to a modal popup window link.
Modal popup windows are fancy popup boxes also known as Lightboxes.

Full control

Modals is packed with options to control the modal popups.

  • Full controll over styling (via some styling options and CSS)
  • Define dimensions and
  • Create image popups quickly and easily
  • Make galleries and slideshows automatically (Pro Only)
  • Make popups open on pageload (Pro Only)
  • And many more…


There are several ways Modals can covert links:

  • Via the special Modal tags {modal …}…{/modal}
  • By class names (all links with defined class names)
  • All external links (Pro Only)
  • By target=”_blank” (all links with a target. Internal and/or external) (Pro Only)
  • By filetypes (all links to given filetypes) (Pro Only)
  • By url (also supports regular expressions) (Pro Only)

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