Joomla Extension: PayPal Access

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Most people have a PayPal account. why not allow your users to log into your site using this PayPal account? It saves them the trouble of creating a new account manually.

PayPal Access allows you to authenticate your Joomla! users with PayPal, and reuse that information (firstname, lastname, email, address-data) within Joomla! components. Authenticated users are automatically logged into the Joomla! frontend.

Setup instructions

  • Register a new application for use with PayPal Access:
  • Install the component, the module and the plugin of this extension in Joomla!
  • Configure the OAuth settings in the component-backend
  • Enable the Authentication Plugin
  • Assign the module to some template-position in your Joomla! template
  • Click on the icon of the module to login through PayPal

Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.x

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