Joomla Extension: Seblod

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Take control of Joomla! with the most flexible extension ever made!

SEBLOD is used by some high-end companies for its performance & flexibility.

  • Advanced Forms & Content Types
    Build complex forms for your web apps in order to fit the business needs.
  • Custom Fields & Flexible Plug-ins
    Bring unlimited possibilities to your websites with a bunch of great plugins.
  • Multi-criteria Search & List Views
    Build advanced search engines and lists in order to showcase all kind of data.
  • Out of the Box Applications
    Install our ready-to-use apps in order to get started easily with SEBLOD.
  • Powerful Template Framework
    Control the display and layouts of your SEBLOD-based content, forms & lists.
  • Well Integrated Multi-sites System
    Set up a Joomla! multi-sites platform, without any hack.. in a few clicks.

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