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Joomla! can be configured to use SSL. But this does not mean that all your secure pages are actually kept secure. This plugin forces what is actually required: HTTPS or HTTP.

The SSL Redirect plugin is able to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Which pages need to be served through SSL and which not, can be configured through plugin parameters: Per Menu-Item, per component, etcetera.


The Joomla! Global Configuration allows you to configure SSL, but if a visitor enters a Joomla! page through non-HTTPS, this visitor is not automatically redirected. Also you can’t enable SSL for just some pages, while all other pages are served through regular HTTP.

While the Apache htaccess file can be configured to contain RewriteRules for this, it is much more complicated and error-prawn. This is the main reason why the Yireo SSL Redirect plugin was developed.


  • To install this plugin, download it from the download-section on this site to your computer.
  • Then install the ZIP file from within the Joomla! Administrator as a regular extension.
  • Next go to the Plugin Manager to enable this system-plugin. It is listed as “System – SSL Redirect”.

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