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Hosting images, stylesheets or files on a remote location, might save bandwidth – thus increase performance. This plugin implements a static server in Joomla!.

The Static Content plugin allows you to replace the URL to your images or CSS-files with another URL. While you have the responsibility to make sure that this URL is actually serving the same images and CSS-files, this allows for quick integration of static webservers or CDNs in Joomla!.


To a minimum you need to configure Unsecure URL for the plugin to do anything useful. This URL has to start with http:// and should host an environment that mirrors your normal Joomla! environment. For instance, if your Joomla! template-images are located here:


Then your static server should contain the same folder templates/mytemplate/images.

When entering a value under Secure URL, make sure this is a SSL-based URL. Also consider using a trusted SSL-certificate for both the Joomla! site as the static server (or CDN).

Other options allow you to determine which resources should be moved to the static server:

  • Images in the images/ folder
  • All kinds of content in the media/ folder
  • Template images, JavaScript or CSS-files
  • Joomla! caching files
  • Joomla! includes-folder (containing some core JavaScript files)

There are some things you need to consider when configuring this. For instance, when your static server is on a different domain, JavaScript might not be executed properly because of browser security. Depending on which scripts you try to run where, this might cause issues.

When loading CSS files from the static server, note that you also might need to copy the neccessary image-files. Because the CSS-files will be served from the same directory-structure as within Joomla!, relative path-links will still work.

Note that the option to load Joomla! caching files from a static server, does not include the caching-files used by PHP-files. It only deals with caching-files used by JavaScript or CSS compression techniques. PHP-files are only dealt with by the webserver, outside of the scope of this plugin.

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