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Googles WebP replaces GIF, JPG and PNG with the new WebP format, reducing the size of your images dramatically. Use it in Joomla! and save bandwidth.

WebP is a image-format – developed by Google – aimed to reduce the size of images dramatically. While still in development, WebP-images already allow you to reduce the size of JPG or PNG images. Unfortunately, the WebP image-format is at this moment only supported by a small number of browsers (Chrome, Firefox with extra plugin).

This extension integrates WebP into Joomla!, and adds WebP images to the page if the browser supports it. Browser support for WebP is detected based on a simple user-agent check (Chrome browser) and an additional JavaScript detection. If WebP is detected, the extension will parse the HTML-output of the Magento root-block to make sure links to supported images (png, jpg, jpeg) are actually replaced with WebP images.

Note that you will need to install the WebP binaries on the webserver. If you don’t have root-access or shell-access, you probably need to ask your system administrator to install WebP for you.

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