jQuery TouchTouch – Gallery and Image Effects

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jQuery TouchTouch is a plugin we released last year that aims to be simple to use and to work on mobile devices. It uses CSS transitions to make animations smoother, and preloads images dynamically. Also, it can be completely restyled by modifying a single CSS file.

TouchTouch relies entirely on CSS3 for animations, which means that transitions are extra smooth on mobile devices (naturally, this also means that you won’t see any on older browsers). Using some clever CSS, the interface automatically adjusts to the size and orientation of the device, with photos growing to fill the available screen estate (test it by resizing your browser window). And with the help of jQuery, going through photos is done by swiping left or right.

Features :

  • Smooth CSS3 animations and transitions;
  • A responsive CSS interface that fills the screen and responds to changes in device orientation;
  • Preloads photos only when they are needed;
  • Supports swiping through photos;
  • Displays onscreen arrows and listens for arrow key presses on desktop browsers;

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