LibreOffice Extension: Improved Trend Lines

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CorelPolyGUI plots linear and polynomial trend lines with forced intercept option.

CorelPolyGUI try to answer the two main issues about trend lines:

  • issue 20819 for OOo or issue 35712 for LibO: polynomial trend line: from Xdata and Ydata, find ai coefficients to fit equation Ycalc = sum ai . Xdatai
  • issue 34093 for OOo or issue 40314 for LibO: forced intercept option: fix (or not) the intercept value for linear or polynomial regressions

Available functionalities

  • negative degrees available for polynom
  • choose value of forced intercept
  • give polynomial equation and determination coefficient
  • plot experimental points and calculated curve
  • all classic regressions also available with same options
  • spline interpolation
  • t-statistics on results
  • English, Polish and French localisation


  • Xdata and Ydata must be in the same sheet
  • Xdata and Ydata must start from the same row

Known problems

  • If the installation freezes: kill LibO/OOo, start installation again without removing previous broken, the second time it should go without problems.

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