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Alba is an extension for OOo Writer. It simplifies work with documents, containing pages with different layouts. The window with options for inserting pages with a landscape or portrait layout opens after choosing menu item “Insert” – “Landscape/Portrait…” This extension creates pages with styles “_style_ L_Alba” (for landscape pages) and “_style_ P_Alba” (for portrait pages) and manages them.

Note that “section” in Alba is not “section” in OOo – “section” here is one or few pages between 2 page breaks where page style changes. If document has not page breaks – whole document will be a “section”.

OOo version 2.4.0 and higher recommended.
English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and Ukranian localisations are available.

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  1. open-office.esMarch 22, 2012 at 17:31

    Disponible en español (translated into spanish) en Extensión Alba en español

    Gracias !!! Thanks !!!

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