Pidgin-Privacy-Please Plugin

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Pidgin privacy please is a pidgin plugin to stop spammers from annoying you. You can block messages from certain users, block messages from people who are not on your contact list, and suppress repeated authorization requests. Optionally, senders of blocked messages can be notified with an auto-reply.

Features :

  • Block individual users
  • Auto-reply to blocked messages
  • Block messages from people who are not on your contact list (with an optional auto-reply)
  • Block messages using regular expressions, either against the message sender, the message content, or both
  • Suppress repeated/all authorization requests
  • Suppress OSCAR (ICQ/AIM) authorization requests
  • Automatically show user info on authorization requests
  • Block jabber headline messages (eg. alerts from the MSN transport)
  • Block AOL system messages
  • Challenge-response bot-check

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