Rhythmbox File Organizer

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Fileorganizer is a Rhythmbox Plugin that will move and rename files according to your tags and then update the database so you don’t lose your ratings and play counts. Don’t waste your time organising your music collection before you get to actually enjoy your music. With Fileorganizer as long as your tags are right it will do the rest!

About FileOrganizer

Do you have thousands of files all over your drives with no sense of rhyme or reason?
Ever use an external tagging program and move or change your file and folder names?
Do you manually name and move your music into your library?

When you move files in an external program it doesn’t update your Rhythmbox database for you. This means they become ‘missing’ and you lose everything unless you edit your database manually or put them back! 🙁

Dealing with new music in your carefully organised file structure can be a real pain and take a lot of time to manage.

That’s where this plugin steps in!

  • Open up Rhythmbox.
  • Set your tags
  • Run Fileorganizer and your files are moved and the database is updated for you all in one action!

Download Rhythmbox Fileorganizer


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