Rhythmbox Plugin: Sleepbox

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Sleepbox for Rhythmbox

A good sleep comes with a quite room. Waking up relaxed is easier when an alarm comes in quitely.
These things I’ve experienced myself and that is why I decided to make Sleepbox, a plugin for the Rhythmbox musicplayer for Gnome, which is the Ubuntu default player.
My own demands where: Fade out at sleeptime, Fadein at waketime, Control it from the web (read: Mobile webbrowser), Execute a command on timer.
The web feature is something I’m still working on. The others are all here!


Open a terminal and execute the following lines:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/Sleepbox
cd ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/Sleepbox
wget http://counter.youp.net/click.php?id=1 -O Sleepbox.tar.gz
tar -xf Sleepbox.tar.gz
gconftool /apps/rhythmbox/plugins/Sleepbox/active -t bool -s true

Now you will find Sleepbox in your Rhythmbox menu.

Download Sleepbox


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