Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 Smart Compositor Designer

Published › October 15, 2011 0 Comments


The MediaStudio Pro 8 Smart Compositor is an all new tool that lets you quickly create professional-quality opening sequences or segues with pre-made masks, frames and moving paths. Even if MediaStudio Pro is not your primary NLE, Smart Compositor can come to the rescue. Compose your sequence, then simple render it out as avi or whatever format you need, and export to your main NLE.

The Smart Compositor Designer plug-in makes creating new templates easy. Create your own sequence components such as masks and frames, then combine them as a composited sequence on the Video Editor timeline. Or use existing templates as a base for further modification. Output templates directly from the Video Editor. Template generation is automatic and includes an optional installer to mount the new template in the Smart Compositor library.

The Smart Compositor Designer is available at no cost to all users of MediaStudio Pro 8. Available in English, the Smart Compositor Designer is compatible with all MediaStudio Pro 8 language versions.



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